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Tyler & Lauren - PROPOSAL

A couple of weeks ago, my friends Tyler and Lauren met me at the Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor for a shoot.  A few weeks prior, I had asked the two of them if they would be interested in modeling for me.  What Lauren didn't know, is that it was all just a clever ruse and Tyler was going to PROPOSE during the shoot!  Here's how it happened:  I had both of them write each-other little love letters to read during the shoot (which was super sweet...even without the whole proposal part!).  Halfway through the shoot, I had Lauren read her letter first.  After Lauren read her letter,  Tyler began reading his...which was actually his proposal!  It. Was. So. Sweet.  To make things even more amazing, Tyler chose April 22nd because it was the 10th anniversary of the first time they met.  It was such a great morning and I'm so excited to share these images!

CONGRATS to my beautiful friends!  I'm so happy to have been there to capture these moments!  Love you both!