Hello!  I am Anna Jo,
and I'm here to celebrate You and The People You Love.



  • I am a Lifestyle Portrait Photographer based in Metro Detroit, available for travel in and beyond the mitten
  • I have a passion for the love people share and the stories people tell
  • I'm always chasing that luscious, low sunlight
  • I have 8 years of professional photography experience 
  • I studied Photography at Oakland University, earning a B.A. in Studio Art
  • I am a dog lover, a born-and-raised michigander, a self-proclaimed musician, and a proud wife
  • I enjoy the great outdoors, singing in my car, nerdy podcasts, good restaurants, and spending time up north



True images that perfectly describe the people you love; That is what portraiture is to me.  Documenting not only smiles, but happiness.  Not only kisses, but real love.  Images that remain classic, and stay meaningful.  Images that are true in nature, and full of heart.  I want to celebrate how it feels to love and be loved; together.



Sitting on a shelf above my desk is a photo of my husband.  I snapped it as we sat along the shore of Pictured Rocks, taking a short break from our day-long hike.  I remember looking out at Lake Superior and feeling content and proud.  The day before, he had ran and finished his first marathon.  Following the trip, he embarked on his most important venture yet.  When I look at this photo, I remember those days so vividly.  I think of the calm blissfulness of our camping trip, and I think of the hard work that followed.  I think about who we were then, and how far we’ve come.  I see a face of determination, and I see the face of someone I love...and it makes me smile.  This is my favorite photo.

I keep this photo above my desk to remind myself why I fell in love with photography.  It’s not about the glamour;  It’s about documenting your important moments, and keeping them close to your heart.  This is what I hope to do for you!